A primer on the digitisation of administrative tribunals

As followers of my blog will probably know by now, I am interested in the development of digital/online administrative tribunals in the UK, and I have been spending time researching this in recent months.

I have now created a new page on this site to provide a home for updates on the reforms and my thoughts on various related issues.

With that, I am also publishing A primer on the digitisation of administrative tribunals. This short primer sets out a framework within which the development of digital tribunals can be understood and assessed.

Four important contexts considered in the primer are:  reforms to administrative justice and changes to tribunals;  advances in e-government;  developments in online dispute resolution; and  the development of the Transforming Our Justice System proposals.

The primer concludes by suggesting that there is a need to devise and pursue a research agenda around the digitisation of tribunals. It also offers some comments on the nature and scale of this challenge.

Primer report cover 1



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  1. UKAJI says:

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    This valuable primer by Joe Tomlinson, University of Sheffield, explores what we know and what we need to know about the digitalisation of tribunals.


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