The Northern Public Law Forum

Professor Graham Gee (University of Sheffield) and I–along with a wider Organising Committee–have established the Northern Public Law Forum. The Forum is an annual seminar series that will rotate around law schools in the north of England. The inaugural seminar will be held in 2018 at the University of Sheffield, with subsequent seminars at the University of Liverpool (2019) and the University of York (2020).

We are pleased to announce that 2018 seminar will be held on Wednesday January 31st at the University of Sheffield (12:30pm – 6pm). The inaugural speakers are Professor Carol Harlow (London School of Economics) and Professor Richard Rawlings (University College London). Professor Harlow and Professor Rawlings will present two working papers, on the topics of Brexit and the territorial constitution and the implications of digitisation on administrative law and justice. 

Professor Robert Thomas (University of Manchester) and Professor Alison Young (University of Oxford) will be the discussants.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  The event is free but places are limited and registration is required. You can register via this link

More information on the Forum is available via its website, which can by found by clicking here.


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