My work spans many areas of public law and administrative justice. However, I have developed long-term project on certain topics. Below is a summary of my major areas of research.

Administrative (internal) review systems

With Professor Robert Thomas (University of Manchester), I am actively researching the growth of internal review systems in UK administration. Part of this work has been funded by an ESRC grant. For some further information on this work, see our report on Current Issues in Administrative Justice and our paper at the WG Hart Workshop.

Immigration judicial review

Also with Professor Robert Thomas (University of Manchester), I am researching issues around immigration judicial review — the largest area of public law litigation in the UK. The project examines a range of questions using empirical research methods. More background on this project is available here.

Tribunals digitisation 

I am currently in the early stages of building a project investigating the planned digitisation of administrative tribunals in the UK. The project–drawing on learning from ODR in Australia and Canada–seeks to identify the major risks and opportunities with the digitisation process. For further information on this work, see my recent blog on this topic.

Legitimate expectations

I have been researching the doctrine of legitimate expectations since 2013. My work on this topic has been published in blog and article form. I am currently finalising an article on the conceptual foundations of legitimate expectation.